Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Leadville Trail Marathon

Leadville Trail Marathon

I was ready… as ready as I could be. I had been nursing a cough and cold for the previous week and was almost over it. I did not know what to expect health wise going into the race. I figured I’d just try and run my best… and be sure to podium. The race was finally underway. I started controlled but still felt feeble, unable to push any harder. Mike Aish soon had the lead with me in hot pursuit. I’d run as well as I could.

For the first 90 minutes I ran controlled and in a comfortable 2nd place. At the base of Mosquito Pass I maintained my speed, trying to gain a little on Mike. At the top of the pass I glanced at my watch. It read 2:01:??. Solid. I raced down with a good lead on 3rd place. At this point the race was over. Mike did not slow down and I was unable to make up any more time. He finished breaking the course record, meanwhile I finished with a  PR of 3:39:36, 6 minutes faster than last year… a pleasant surprise.  

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