Monday, April 27, 2015

Updated Race Schedule:

I've spent the last few months doing many things: a few of which are eating, sleeping, working, teaching, training, miscellaneous actions and contemplating. The question remains... "contemplating what?" Well, a great many things but I’d like to draw our attention to races. I decided in January to race a lot this year. By a lot I mean double the races from any other year. Here is the list of 20 remaining races:

May 3rd Cimarron 50K, Gunnison, CO
May 9th Transvulcania Canary Islands 73k (45 miles) Spain
May 16 SageBurner 25K, Gunnsion, CO
June 20th Leadville Marathon, Leadville, CO
June 28th Mont Blanc 80K France
July 4th Mount Marathon Race: Seward, AK
July 12th Leadville 50, Leadville, CO
July 18 Kendall Mt Run: Silverton, CO
July 19th Power of 4 50K Aspen, CO   
July 24th Speedgoat Vertical Mile, Sandy, Utah
July 25th Speedgoat 50k, Sandy, Utah
July 26th Speedgoat Quadbanger, Sandy, Utah
August 1st Tushar Sky Marathon 26: Tushar Mountains: Utah
August 15th Pikes Peak Ascent: Colorado Springs, CO 
August 16th Pikes Peak Marathon: Colorado Springs, CO 
September 5th The Rut 25K                 Montana
September 6th The Rut 50k                 Montana                    
September 12th Imogene Pass Run: Telluride, CO                
September 19th Run Rabbit Run 50m            
October 3rd Flagstaff 55k: Flagstaff, AZ                     

It should be interesting. I’m officially entered for all but Imogene (the race does not open until later in the year). If anything I’ll hopefully race myself into shape. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weird Race: Desert RATS Trail Running Festival: Fruita Marathon

Quick update for everyone: I ran the Desert Rats Trail Running Festival Fruita Marathon yesterday. This is a great spring race which offers the marathon as well as the 50k and the 50miler too. It is run on mostly single track with great desert views of the Colorado River and nearby McInnis Canyons. Unfortunately because of all the rain the organizers had to do a last minute course change to avoid the majority of the single track. We were to run two “A” loops and one short out and back. With the severe weather and the high mountain snow and with highway 70 closed for most of Friday due to the snow the race had a smaller turn out than normal.

I was ready for a good solid effort. I wanted to run fast! The race started and I put in a high tempo out of the gate. Mike Ambrose from Breckinridge hung on for a mile and then backed off. By mile 3.5 at the aid station I was a ¼ of a mile ahead of him and he was another ¼ mile ahead of 3rd place. Now was the time to keep pushing I was racing myself.  

I left and followed the race flagging out onto a 3.6 mile loop (Rustlers). Unbeknownst to me and everyone in the race this was the wrong way. The flagging had not yet been adjusted. I ran the loop and came back to the initial aid station. They said we were all going the wrong way and directed me back to another trail. Was I now in last place? I did not know. As it turns out the majority of the racers followed the flagging and therefore added on the loop.

I got on to the trail. Mike had by this time caught up we ran together for a minute. From high on this trail we could look down and see most other racers on the wrong loop. Well, I guess we ALL had to do the wrong loop. I left Mike and followed the flagging, the wrong flagging once again and after 20 minutes ended up back at the first aid station… AGAIN. They told me once again to follow the loop. I knew that was pointless and I knew we were supposed to end up back at the start so I ran back to the start.

When I got there I showed the race directors where I had run and it was decided that it was more than the “correct course”, therefore I was ok. They sent me back out on course to start my 2nd lap. As I left I saw Mike finishing his 1st lap. Once again I was ¼ mile to ½ mile in front of him. I ran the 2nd loop with little problems. The race crew had put up new signage and taken down the old flagging. I finished and added on the short out and back to finish and win the race. Weird day, but everything worked out in the end!