Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aisa, Europe, Mont Blanc, and Mount Marathon

My Europe trip was interesting and I will sum it up quickly:

I was in Turkey for a day and ran across the Bosphorus Bridge into Aisa. The bridge is huge with 8 lanes of traffic and huge sidewalks on either side. I arrived at early evening and ran into Aisa. Upon arrival into Aisa I was informed by some cops that pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge anymore. The cops gave me a ride back into Europe to a subway station. I then went to the Hagia Sophia. Amazing building.

Upon Arrival in Chamoix I rested for a day and was ready to race the Mont Blan 80K. However, I ate a panini which gave me food poisoning. I started the race hoping I’d feel better, instead I felt worse. Soon I was puking and barely able to walk downhill. I had to drop.
Over the next 5 days I got better, did some mountain climbing up Mont Blanc, and ran many trails.
Then I flew out: Geneva to Istanbul, Istanbul to Chicago, Chicago to Anchorage.

From Anchorage I hitched down to Seward for the Mount Marathon Run. I stayed at a host cabin and was well rested and ready to race. For this race the run goes straight up Mount Marathon gaining 3,000 feet in 1.75 miles. Then in tortures response the runners must descend the peak and lose their vantage and high point. The race started brutally fast at an all-out sprint. I maintained my position in 15th place but was unable to sprint uphill. By the summit I was in 50th place and not ready to die or break a leg so I controlled my decent and finished in 58:12 and 65th place. Others ran with reckless abandon. Indeed, the race is known for having people break their legs every year.

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