Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Run

Well a crazy last month has kept me away so I’ve posted several expositions on my travels. I’ve been all over. I raced in the Canary Islands in early May. A week later running the Sageburner and winning. Then a week later Lynnette, Katrina, and I went to the Black Hills and South Dakota for a vacation. Following was a week at home then 2 weeks in France, Turkey, and Alaska. I’m back and enjoying the Colorado days. Read below for any one of the adventures:
Back home at last. It felt easy and wonderful to be training at 10,000 feet again. I prefer this than stifling sea level any day. Today was the Silver Rush 50 mile run. My main competition was Mike Aish. I decided to stay conservative for the first half and see how well I could run the second half. I went through the half in 3:20, 2nd place about 12 minutes back from Mike. I had a decent lead of 3rd and knew I was feeling good. My goal was to run almost everything back. The trail gets steep at times but I kept a solid pace up. I kept hearing that I was gaining on Mike. Indeed I was but only by a few minutes. I kept a consistent pace going on pace for a sub 7 hour run. I headed up Iowa Gultch at mile 38. The incline is not horrible but at that point in the race I did not want to run. I told myself to be consistent and ran the whole way up to 12,000 feet. I then turned and stated my decent towards the finish.

All day I had run and felt fantastic until this downhill. I started cramping and new I needed additional salt. I slowed the pace and held it together to the last aid station with 7 miles to the finish. I gulped down 12 ounces of salted Coke along with 8 electrolyte pills and left. I soon felt much better but still knew I was hanging on. My appetite had officially diminished. I had to push the pace but without falling off. I slowly felt better and increase the pace. I finished in second in the 3rd fastest time ever in 6:56:41. Mike meanwhile went on to break his own course record. (Note: the course was altered and lengthen in 2010 therefore pre 2010 times need an extra 15 to 25 minutes added for equivalent time).

Crazy awesome day and I even surprised myself. I ran in the Stinson ATR. A fantastic shoe… check them out:

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