Thursday, September 10, 2009

World Mountain Running Championships

Hosted by Campodolcino, Madeisimo, and Chiavenna, Italy:

Been quite busy as of late so I’ve had no time to update this. I thought I would give a slightly better update on Italy. Results are here:

Indeed I was 48th. The race consisted of 3 loops of about a 4.33 K loop. I went out solid but not overly hard as I knew I’d be running for about an hour. Actually my time was 1:01:38. Sometime after the first lap I knew I was about in 55th place. By the second lap I had dropped to 61st place. This was simply because a few people went too hard on the second lap and as I anticipated they came back on the 3d and last lap. For the 3d lap while others were dying out there I was starting to feel in my element and I started passing people. I moved up to 48th. Coming into the last ¼ mile of the run I started dry heaving. Yes! If you are out competing at this level you better enjoy pain and dry heaving… one of these days I’ll explain why it is PIVITAL.

For any interested in how I felt overall after running with only a 2 week break from Leadville: Overall, my body does feel drained from all the travelling and racing I’ve had in the past month. I know I ran well as I was with 3 other Americans who I’ve raced periodically. So the question could I have raced better if I did not run Leadville? Well, I suppose if I had put all my eggs into one basket and trained only with worlds on my mind and I had a good day and… that is way too many variables. It was a solid race either way. I’m looking forward to getting back into a set schedule for training. Sorry for the short synopsis but I’ve got a lot of work to do, so until next week after Imogene…

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  1. Tim

    First - congratulations on a great season and a good race in Italy. I am left wondering if anyone has ever put together a season of such varied magnitude, with such success.

    Second - if my question in a previous post came across as critical - I apologize. It was not meant to be. I think any "fans" of the sport would wonder how other racing would impact a key race like this. Certainly any of those other races have impact - either positive or negative, but - a 100 miler - WOW.

    At the end of it - it is your journey. I appreciate you sharing it with us on this blog. It has been fun to watch. Thanks and best of luck at Imogene.