Sunday, September 6, 2009

Preliminary Results 25th World Mountain Championships

For all you die hards out there that may be wondering about results for the 25th World Mountain Championships here are some unofficial results from the top of my head. Andrew Benford was 13th and ran solid, well done! Joe Gray was 16th, also solid. Then our pack came in: Matt Byrne was 44, Zac Frudenberg was 46, Ricky Gates was 47th, and then i finished up the team in 48th. I ran all three loops fairly consistent. Can't complain here as i did not die yet was dry heaving with 1/4 mile to go. Thats good! Well, it at least means it was a solid pace. I'll write a full review when i get the chance... hopefully later today.

1 comment:

  1. Tim - nice job at Worlds! The gap between all you guys was crazy tight.

    Of course, I am curious if you feel you got your legs back post Pbville.