Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cow Harbor 10K, Northport, on Long Island, New York

Well, the fastest race I’ve done in a while was today. It was the Great Cow Harbor 10K. The race directors do a fantastic job of putting on a wonderful small town personal race. I’ve only just got back into training after the last month of races and wanted to run a consistent time. I went out planning on running 5 flat pace and if feeling good I’d pick it up. At mile 1. I was tied with 7 others in 7th to 14th place. We went through the second mile in 9:56 so I was right on pace. At the 5K mark I was in 13th or 14th place in a time of 15:30 give or take a few seconds. So far the pacing had been impeccable, I just needed to maintain. I felt lethargic, like I was running as slow as a snail behind the lead pack. That’s what happens when I have little speed work under me. I kept expecting a few guys in front of me to fall back but they were running well, not showing signs of breaking. I managed to maintain my mileage pace to the end and ran a solid 13th place in 31:14 or an average of 5:02 per mile. I can’t complain here… then again… I’m always happy with how I run. I don’t allow me to run in such a way as to be disappointed with the race. That would be a waist, and uncalled for. So, solid race, I know where my fitness level is and where I need to take it.


  1. Congrats!

    Very impressive running 5min miles after a season of ultras and mountains!

  2. Don't worry, be happy. I like it.