Monday, August 9, 2010

9 for 9

Grin ‘n’ Bear It

Sorry folks about my lack of posts for the last month. I’m going to try and blog a little more and put up some more interesting pictures. I’ve had a great high volume month of training with many long runs and a few short races. On July 17th I ran my 9th consecutive Grin ‘n’ Bear it race in Crested Butte. This race was also the 9th race that Lynnette has been at. I won the race making it my 9th consecutive Grin ‘n’ Bear it win, and my 9th consecutive race I’ve won when Lynnette has been present at the race. The race is just an easy 9 mile race, 4 ½ miles out and then 4 ½ back. I gained somewhere around 1700 feet I think… more or less.

The race usually does not have stiff competition but I always race myself. I ran 1:07:12 compared to last year’s 1:05:40. I was quite happy with this time. Sure it was a 90 seconds slower but it was hotter this year as well. I have the course record set in 2005. This year’s time was my 4th fastest time. Here is a breakdown of the past 9 years with notes:

2002: 1:10:??
2003: 1:12:??
2004: 105:44 Tied old CR
2005: 1:04:23 No hill work, only speed gives me new CR
2006: 1:11:29 Recovering from a burnt out season
2007: 1:07:27
2008: 1:08:32 Fit! Take 2nd at Pikes Peak in 2:19:33
2009: 1:05:40 2nd fastest time ever, Win Leadville 100 in 17:27 and Pikes in 2:12:32
2010: 1:07:12 Fit… wait and see….

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  1. Hey Tim,

    Is this race a road or trail race?