Monday, May 24, 2010

Black Canyon Ascent

After getting back from NY I have felt much better. I feel like I can finally relax and run for the love of running. This of course is key, it is pivotal for one to enjoy running. If someone is running under a false guise, if they are forced to, or if the love is gone… then what is the point?

Since I felt good I decided to race. I needed a good race. One that was not too long, one in which I could go compete, race, and have confidence in: a solid confidence booster. So I decided to run the Black Canyon Ascent this last weekend. The BC Ascent follows the paved road from highway 50 up to the south rim of the Black Canyon. It is 6 miles long and I think it gains about 2000 feet.

I promptly arrived at the start 40 minutes prior to the race. The day was overcast yet warm enough for a perfect race. I won the race back in 2007 in a time of 43:17. The course record is about 40:09 by Simon Gutierrez. My goal was just to run smart, solid, and consistent. I went out at a fast but doable pace and knew by mile 1 that I would be able to win if I just kept it up. Bt mile 4 I realized I was at a really good pace because I was over a minute ahead of Bernie Boettcher. I won in a time of 41:16. Bernie was second in 43 minutes. Ben Tobler was 3d in 45 minuets. While training partners and friends Ryan Burch and Scott Drum were 4th and 5th also in 45 minutes. Results are here:
About Mile 1.5

The race director Scott Shine and the San Juan Mountain runners did a great job putting on the race. They even provided hot food at the awards… (thanks to Natural Grocers and the other sponsors) which I can’t say I see often. In addition to the normal goodies after races like fresh bagels cookies, fig newtons, apples, cliff bars, etc. they also had wonderful delicious breakfast burritos… I ate 5 of them at the awards… I was a little hungry.

Finishing a great race.

Lynnette and I after the race

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