Monday, February 22, 2010

Training Update

Hi everyone, Just wanted to write a quick note letting you know I'm back from my trip to Mars... or was it the moon... i forget… i was paying more attention to getting married a guess. The picture above shows Lynnette and I the day before our wedding.Training is going solid as we have experienced a rather mild winter here in Gunnison until this last weekend when it snowed almost 2 feet outside. I’ve been taking our dog Cody,

out for runs and he is getting fit. Of course all he does all day is sleep so that might help. He is a Jacksonian Lab in case you are wondering. He is also currently for sale at 50% off at $7.2 Billion, but hurry because his value is always increasing. So the next race I’ve got is Salida Marathon ( in about 3 weeks. My first 3 hour run of the year was a few days ago with Ryan Burch. I promise more later but that’s it for now… fare thee well. Timmy

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  1. Congratulations on gettin' hitched Mr. Tim! You guys look very happy.