Friday, May 1, 2009

Parachuting Onto a Flying Pig

I flew out to the Cincinnati airport which is not in Ohio, it’s in Kentucky, for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Pigs that fly… may I be a large pig that flies this weekend. I’m staying with Travis Murray. Jeri, Travis’s mom, picked me up late Wednesday night. Travis thought I was arriving late Thursday night for some reason so on Thursday afternoon I surprised him at his practice. He co-coaches on the Mason HS cross country and distance teams. Earlier in the week I emailed Tom Rapp, Travis’s co-coach, and received his permission to surprise Travis at their track practice. Ron, Travis’s dad, dropped me off at the track. Travis had his back turned to me as I ran down the backstretch. At the last second he turned and I jumped him nearly tackling him. Tom was all grins. Travis was thoroughly shocked and made a comment about me parachuting out of an airplane onto him.

The Piggly Wiggly Marathon will be on Sunday. Brian List, who was second last year, Travis, who was third, and I plan on working together for most of the race. May we all be large pigs that fly this weekend.

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