Sunday, April 12, 2009

Salida Run Through Time Marathon


I made this race a mandatory race for 2009. In 08 I ran it, but because of the heavy snows I ended up running a bit extra: about 31 miles in a time of about 4:22. This year I wanted redemption and a course record. My original goal was sub 3 hours but I had been under the weather for the previous week. So my goal for the race was just a solid training run, an honest effort, and hopefully a first place. Overall it ended up being a good day. I went out and just maintained speed for the first half at which point I had a 2 minute lead on 2nd place: Ryan Burch, a solid ultra runner. I maintained my lead and won the race and set the course record in 3:03.42. Maybe sub 3 next time around.

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